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In-home lactation support for families in the Far Rockaway and the Five Towns area

Meet Hadassah

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As a first-time mom, I didn’t know that breastfeeding could be such a struggle and may interfere with mother-baby bonding. I just wanted to cuddle up on the couch and nurse my baby!

After a few tough months and many suggestions, we finally settled into a comfortable breastfeeding routine.​


A few children later, I realized that my amassed breastfeeding knowledge could be used to help other struggling moms. Following lactation training and certification, I opened Baby Bond Lactation.


I am committed to providing personalized breastfeeding assistance that empowers each mother to independently enjoy breastfeeding. I offer techniques that ensure comfort, stress-reduction, and confidence, while promoting healthy mother-baby bonding.

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Our Mission

We inspire and nurture new mothers with enjoyable and manageable breastfeeding techniques, providing comfort and bonding with her new baby.



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Mother and baby in autumn


"Hadassah is excellent at what she does, knowledgeable and genuinely caring. I highly recommend her!"


"Hadassah has been extremely helpful in her guidance and techniques for my beginning stages of nursing. I was having a hard time getting my baby  comfortably latched when I got home from the hospital and the pain and soreness was getting worse. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety from it and was feeling frustrated. Hadassah did a bed visit (literally) with her calm and patient and sensitive  personality and her knowledge, she guided me step by step numerous times giving me skills and techniques and confidence to nurse without pain and tears and with joy! She answered all my questions and follow up with anything else that was nursing or baby related."

C. S.

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