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Community and Online Resources

As a mom and lactation consultant, I understand that support can come from many places. Below are some suggested resources to benefit from.

Mother support groups

MOMS Club of Liberty Township

La Leche League



Baby Cafe


Chelisa Clifton

Tamara Kankowski


Michelle Emanuel (OT specializing in pre-crawling babies and post frenectomy recovery)

Cathy Ridgeway (CST-for older babies and mothers)

Jessica Conover (speech therapist for older babies and children)

Drs. Jen and Joseph Minnich (Chiropractor for all ages)

Dr. Pete Haggenjos (513) 723.1190,

Dr. Shaina Hickman and Dr. Heather Iannelli (The first month is free for babies newborn to 30 days)


General resources

Post-Partum Depression

A lighter Shade of Blue (provides support and healing to individuals suffering from Postpartum Depression/Anxiety)  

Recovery from C-Section

ICAN - International Cesarean Awareness Network

Postpartum Health Awareness

Frenotomy Providers

Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry (Drs. Dock and Rudolph)

Dr. Coleman

Dr. Notestine

Good Neighbor House

Dr. Bob Muster

Ohio tongue-tie support group on Facebook

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